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  • 100% Iberian croquette
  • Red shrimp croquette
  • Brioche of Iberian pork with Kamado with melted cheese and fresh laminated truffle
  • Our patatas bravas
  • Bluefin tuna salad, fried egg and caviar
  • Acorn-fed iberian cured ham (5 jotas)
  • The best in the world (Iberian tenderloin & fried almonds from Malaga)


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  • Vegetable tempura with traditional hummus and soy sauce
  • Cod fillet fritter with scarlet shrimp
  • Red shrimp pil pil
  • Josper octopus with a potato and okra emulsion
  • Wagyu tataki
  • Steak tartar of beef sirloin steak

Natural and Organic

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  • Caesar salad with free range chicken pastrami and pickled lemon
  • Thai salad with Mediterranean lobster
  • 5 tomatoes salad, avocado, bimi and fresh oregano

Traditional fishes

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  • Sea bass
  • Wild turbot
  • Wild sea bream
  • Snapper
  • Now you can choose which technique we use to cook it: Grilled, Espeto, Kamado, Fried or Marinated.
  • Embers· The flavor of a food prepared in an oven of embers is totally unmistakable. They are never as juicy and appetizing on the palate as when they are made with our Josper ovens.
  • Espeto · Typical technique from Malaga cooked on the grill.
  • Kamado · Cuisine that has been used for centuries in India, China and Japan, a fusion between embers and smoked cooking.
  • Fried · Traditional Andalusian cuisine made with virgin olive oil.
  • Marinated · Ceviche, Tartare, Tiradito, Tataki

Products of the sea

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  • Tradition
  • Lemon anchovies
  • Fried Estepona Salmonet
  • Sardine
  • Fresh squid Andalusian style
  • Shellfish and other Seafood
  • White shrimp
  • Red shrimp
  • Clams with sauce
  • Mediterranean lobster fried with free-range eggs and french fries "The dish of the summer" 1kg
  • Oyster Nº2

Bluefin Tuna from the Strait of Gibraltar

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  • Tapas
  • Mini bikini of bluefin tuna and truffle butter
  • Bluefin tuna tataki on brioche, soya and passion fruit vinaigrette
  • Scrambled eggs of bluefin tuna with white prawns and Iranian caviar
  • By piece
  • Saku “Tuna Taco"
  • Verntresca" flank steak
  • Morrillo
  • Mormo
  • Tarantelo

Rice and fideuá (Noodles)

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  • Traditional
  • Black rice with cuttlefish and shrimps
  • Brothy lobster rice
  • Rice with scarlet shrimp
  • Seafood paella
  • Seafood fideua
  • Rice with iberian pork
  • Rice with poussin and baby vegetables
  • With personality
  • Señorito rice with white shrimps and baby artichokes
  • Rice with tender garlic and boletus mushroom
  • Creamy rice with turbot and sea urchins
  • Rice with rubia gallega beef steak
  • Fideua with tuna, clams, and tender garlic
  • Very creamy bluefin tuna rice

*All rice, fideuás and paellas: Price per person. Minimum 2 persons

Grilled (with garnish)

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  • Our Cuban Sandwich both Beef and Vegan, served with Fried Sweet Potato
  • Soleo Premium Wagyu Hamburger with Raclette Cheese and Fries
  • Grilled Wagyu loin Steak
  • Black Angus Sirloin Steak
  • Iberian Presa Iberica 5 j with Holm Oak Charcoal with Shallots and Muscatel

Sweet time

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  • Alaska Souffle with Mango and Lemon from La Axarquia
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Smoked Apple Tart
  • Fruit Tartar